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Unlike some sites that take weeks to update we update our data every day/week/month. We archieve back data so it's avialble for years to come. Since we launched online in 1999 we pride ourselves on "Being Available" 24/7/52. While we may take a couple of weeks holiday in the summer our data has always been available.

Boro-Stat is hosted by 1&1 where our website is powered by renewable energy.

Every year our website grows, nothing is deleted - it is just archieved, so you can go back and find that stat that interests you.


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The Archives - Explained

Results, tables, stats & Info from over 100 years

A quick look at what is included in the new Boro-Stat website. Chock full of new features, components and sliders.
Bringing Boro info in graph & chart format to your Desktop, Tablet or Mobile Phone.


League tables since 1888/89

See where Boro and other teams were over 120 years ago. Every year fully documented. Graphs show Boro positions over the full 120 year range and a closer look in the last 10 year graph. All the info you need in an easily searchable format.


Result from 1888/89 season

See the Boro dates, who played, what the half time result was, what the full time result was. Check the table position at the end of the game and see who scored what. We are currently active to 1940 and extending backwards each month, soon we will have the full history of results.

FA Cup

Boro yes but much more

Check every game Boro played in the FA Cup from 1881 season onwards. See the legs in detail, the attendances, the goalscorers and much more. See FA Cup winners from inception 1871 and the winners table. The FA Youth Cup and Community Shield details from inception also available.

League Cup

Boro yes but much more

Check every game Boro played in the League Cup from 1970/71 season onwards. See the legs in detail, the attendances, the goalscorers and much more. See the League Cup winners from inception 1960 and the winners table.


Boro in Europe & much more!

All the details and stats for every game Boro played in Europe. Who, when, why, how, team, etc etc. If that's not all check out UEFA Cup winners since inception and the winners table. See the same full details for the Champions League too. Have day!


Stats you wont get elsewhere

Lists/tables such as every Boro Manager, Captain, Top Goal Scorers. Every Red Card, every Hattrick, Clean Sheets numbers and % of games. Shirt Sponsors over the years. As a visitor to the area you may want more info on the Riverside Stadium facilities - no problem. Directions, Stadium info and facilities, contact details and more.

Season Stats - Explained

Get To The Stats Fast

See what's new with Boro-Stat Website. Check out the expanded items on offer.
Get to the page you want quickly and easily by phone, tablet or desktop!

This Season

We can help!

All the stats are here for the current season. Graphs, Charts & Tables give you the full low down in easy format for Results, Tables, Goals, Games, Players, Bookings, Attendances and Opposition. You can even check out how the officials/refs are doing! At the end of the season this section then archives into the "Past Seasons" section as the new season data is available here.

Past Seasons

We can help!

You can review all the graphs, charts tables etc from recent previous seasons in this section.  All the previous seasons data is archived here for Results, Tables, Goals, Games, Players, Bookings, Attendances and the Opposition. Again even the officials are catered for. Remember full results, tables and other static data from further back in time is always available in the Historical Data Section - See previous page for details

Boro-Stat is a fan based, independent, non official website supporting Middlesbrough Football Club.
We have been web based since 1999 and we are proud to be one of the longest continual running Boro websites on the internet.