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Chart 1 - The exact position Boro finished at at the end of season, actual position number is taking all leagues at the time into account. There were 2 divisions at the time Div-1 had 18 places and Div-2 had 18 places.  Boro finished 14th in Div-2 so 18+14=32. Boro finished 32nd taking all leagues into account.

Chart 2 - The position Boro finished at translated into % terms.  This gives a better indication of performance relative to the number of teams in leagues at that time.  Example, the first season (year 1/1899) ended at position 32 (chart 1) but there were only 36 teams in all leagues at the time while currently there are 92. This really means we were 89% down the table at the time (chart 2). Performance is measured by being as near to "1" as possible.