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Boro Honours

2015-16League Championship Runners Up.
 Promotion to Premier League.
2005-06UEFA Cup Runners-up
2004-05UEFA Qualification for 05-06 season.
2003-04Carling League Cup Winners
 UEFA Qualification for 04-05 season.
1997-98Coca-Cola League Cup Runners-up
1997-98Division One Champions Runners-up
1996-97Coca-Cola League Cup Runners-up
1996-97FA Cup Runners-up
1994-95Division One Champions
1991-92Division Two Runners-up
1989-90Zenith Data Systems Cup Runners-up
1986-87Division Three Runners-up
1975-76Anglo-Scottish Cup Winners
1973-74Division Two Champtions
1966-67Division Three Runners-up
1928-29Division Two Champtions
1926-27Division Two Champtions
1901-02Division Two Runners-up
1897-98FA Amateur Cup Winners
1894-95FA Amateur Cup Winners

About This Chart

what it shows you

Boro Honours: This chart shows our major honours / minestones since 1894.
To see our history milestones, see Boro History section.

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