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Boro History

Year Formed -
1876 - Old Archery Ground (Reformat 1986).
Milestones -
1892 - Profession Status Gained.
1893 - First transfer recorded in club minutes. W McKnight to Darwen for £6.00
1894 - Reverted to Amateur Status.
1899 - Reverted to Professional Status, entry at Div 2.
1905 - First ever £1,000 tranfer fee in football. Alf Common from Sunderland.
1957 - First floodlight match. Sunderland 16/10.
1966 - 3 World Cup games at Ayresome Park: USSR v North Korea (USSR win 3-0) Chile v North Korea (draw 1-1) Italy v North Korea (North Korea win 1-0)
Grounds -
1877 - Old Archery Ground at Albert Park.
1879 - Breckon Hill.
1882 - Linthorpe Road Ground.
1903 - Ayresome Park (September 1903)
1995 - Riverside Stadium.
Foundation/History -
Middlesbrough Cricket Club players wanting to
maintain contact with each other during the winter months so decided to formulate a football
The inaugural meeting was held in the
gymnasium of the Albert Park Hotel in Linthorpe,
Middlesbrough in 1875.

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Boro History: A quick/brief milestone history of Middlesbrough Football Club.  Where we came from, how we came about and some importantant milestones along the way.

To see our honors milestones, see Boro Honors section.

We aim to expand this section in the future by giving far more in-depth details of our history.

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