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Boro Captains

2017-18Ben Gibson, Grant Leadbitter
2016-17George Friend, Ben Gibson, Grant
2015-16Grant Leadbitter, George Friend,
Stewart Downing
2014-15Grant Leadbitter, Jonathan Woodgate,
Dean Whitehead, George Friend
2013-14Rhys Williams, Jonathan Woodgate,
Grant Leadbitter, Kei Kamara,
Dean Whitehead
2012-13Rhys Williams, Jonathan Woodgate,
Grant Leadbitter, Mark Bailey
2011-12Matthew Bates, Tony McMahon,
Barry Robson
2010-11Stephen McManus, Gary O'Neil,
Matthew Bates, Scott McDonald
2008-09Emanual Pogatetz
2007-08George Boateng/Julio Arca
2006-07George Boateng
2005-06Gareth Southgate
2004-05Gareth Southgate
2003-04Gareth Southgate
2002-03Gareth Southgate
2001-02Paul Ince
2000-01Paul Ince
1999-00Paul Ince
1998-99Andy Townsend
1997-98Nigel Pearson
1996-97Nigel Pearson
1995-96Nigel Pearson
1994-95Nigel Pearson
1993-94John Hendrie
1992-93Alan Kernaghan
1991-92Tony Mowbray
1990-91Tony Mowbray
1989-90Tony Mowbray
1988-89Tony Mowbray
1987-88Tony Mowbray
1986-87Tony Mowbray
1985-86Brian Laws
1984-85Irving Nattrass
1983-84Irving Nattrass
1982-83Jim Platt
1981-82John Craggs
1980-81Tony McAndrew
1979-80Tony McAndrew
1978-79Stuart Boam
1977-78Stuart Boam
1976-77Stuart Boam
1975-76Stuart Boam
1974-75Stuart Boam
1973-74Stuart Boam
1972-73Nobby Stiles
1971-72Nobby Stiles
1970-71Gordon Jones
1969-70Gordon Jones
1968-69Gordon Jones
1967-68Gordon Jones
1966-67Gordon Jones
1965-66Ian Gibson
1964-65Mel Nurse
1963-64Mel Nurse
1962-63Ken Thomson
1961-62Ken Thomson
1960-61Ken Thomson
1959-60Brian Clough
1958-59Brian Clough
1957-58Ronnie Dicks
1956-57Ronnie Dicks
1955-56Bill Harris
1954-55Bill Harris
1953-54Wilf Mannion
1952-53Bill Whittaker
1951-52Jimmy Gordon
1950-51George Hardwick
1949-50George Hardwick
1948-49George Hardwick
1947-48George Hardwick
1946-47George Hardwick
1945-46Bobby Stuart
1944-45xxx (war) xxx
1943-44xxx (war) xxx
1942-43xxx (war) xxx
1941-42xxx (war) xxx
1940-41xxx (war) xxx
1939-40xxx (war) xxx
1938-39Bob Baxter
1937-38Bob Baxter
1936-37Bob Baxter
1935-36Tom Griffiths
1934-35Tom Griffiths
1933-34Tom Griffiths
1932-33Maurice Webster
1931-32Jack Jennings
1930-31Jack Jennings
1929-30Bob Ferguson
1928-29Bob Ferguson
1927-28Billy Birrell
1926-27Billy Birrell
1925-26Reg Freeman
1924-25Reg Freeman
1923-24George Elliot
1922-23Stuart Davidson
1921-22Stuart Davidson
1920-21George Elliot
1919-20George Elliot
1918-19xxx (war) xxx
1917-18xxx (war) xxx
1916-17xxx (war) xxx
1915-16xxx (war) xxx
1914-15George Elliot
1913-14George Elliot
1912-13Tim Williamson
1911-12Tim Williamson
1910-11Tim Williamson
1909-10Sam Aitken
1908-09Sam Aitken
1907-08Sam Aitken
1906-07Alf Common
1905-06Alf Common
1904-05Bobby Atherton
1903-04Joe Cassidy
1902-03Dave Smith
1901-02Dave Smith
1900-01Bill Higgins

About This Chart

what it shows you

Boro Captains: This chart shows you season by season who captained Boro games since 1900. During the early years it was common just to have a single player/captain but recently it has become more common for several captains to take charge during a season.

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