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Please remember like a lot of other grounds the Riverside is a seated only stadium which means you are not allowed to stand.  Of course if you want to sing “stand up, if you love Boro” then there is no problem, but standing through the whole match will result in future punishment by means of an attendance allocation cut-back if you are an away fan while a home fan could be excluded from the stadium.

The MFC official programme "Red Square" is available around the ground and the Boro fanzine "Fly me to the Moon” is also available around the ground.  Both publications cost about £3.00 each. 
Remember - You are NOT allowed to smoke anywhere in the stadium.  Inside the ground there are lots of TV screens etc so you can keep up to date with the latest team news, scores etc.  There are bars and betting offices together with the usual fast food burger type bars dotted right around the concourse area.  In some areas of the stadium you may well find free PlayStation games. the stadium.

For some years now Season Ticket Holders have been entitled to one free drink at each league home game.  This can be a pint of beer/lager or a small bottle of wine.  Soft drinks such as Coke etc are also included in the offer but not alco-pops.  Your season ticket book has a pack of drink vouchers within it, make sure you use the right voucher for the game, see in the boards in front of the bars.
Tip....If you just want a Coke/Coffee/Tea, don’t go to a buys bar go to one of the fast food outlets – you can use your voucher there too.

Remember - You are NOT allowed to smoke anywhere in the stadium - Sorry this is a bore but it is really important.  Remember also you are not allowed to stand during the game.  The Riverside Stadium is seating only.

There are plenty of these in all parts of the ground. Toilets are clean and functional with hand was & dry facilities.  There will be an obvious rush at half time and full time when you can expect some delay but any queue is constantly moving.

There are plenty of these in all parts of the ground.  Toilets are clean and functional with hand wash & dry facilities.  Just like the guy’s toilets though expect delays at peak times such as half time and full time but any queue is constantly moving.  I have been reliably informed (by my wife) that toilet paper, soap, towels etc has never been a problem.

There is a large club shop located at the North-West corner of the ground (opposite the river).  The club shop in Middlesbrough’s Albert Square has now closed.

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Riverside Stadium Information: These directions offer visiting fans and away supporters additonal information about the Riverside Stadium and what to expect when you arrive.  Some important info about smoking / standing in seated areas and general info about what is around the ground.

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