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Here at Boro-Stat we have put together some FAQ's - See below.

If you still need to ask us something, then please contact us via the email address shown in the HELP sections.

We will always reply and look forward to hearing from you.

General questions
You can leave feedback or send comments to Boro-Stat very easily and quickly via email.

For general info please contact us with the address or if you think there is an error in any of the data you see please use the address

In all cases if you drop us an email we will reply to you within a few days.
There is nothing worse than visiting a website that has not been updated for several weeks.

I have visited many Boro fan sites over the years which do not update their pages very often.

Sometimes the webmaster has lost interest in the site after a few months and just left it to rot.

Boro-Stat is one of the longest running Boro fan websites on the internet and as such we take pride in our website and its update.

We usually update within 24 hours of a Boro game.  Major updates also take place on a weekend when all the data for the period is in.  As I attend all home games myself and some away games it is more often than not the following day when data is uploaded to our servers.

Now and then I do obviously go on holiday etc so there will be a delay then but the site will be fully updated when I return.  Any problems with the website are given on the "Website Status" page in the help section.
Boro-Stat now runs into thousands of pages. 

We have hundreds of charts, tables and graphs which update after each game.  Once our data is input and the Excel macro is run, all the charts and graphs update within minutes.  These are linked to website execution programme 'Microsoft Expression Web 4' which uploads all data to our servers permanently connected to the internet housed at 1&1 Web Services England & Germany.

Our data is never removed it is only archived so the site contantly grows each year.  At the end of each season the past seasons data drops into the archive for future use and a new season begins.  While even some media and official websites have recent seasons data available, Boro-Stat keeps many years of data freely available to its visitors.

The servers we use at our hosting company are green powered meaning you see our website generated from renewable energy.  In order to upload the data to our servers quickly we use BT Infinity2 broadband.

YES.....if you link with Boro-Stat we will link back to you.....providing your site is "clean" (non adult, 100% family) and football related.

Please email me at the address shown in the Help section on the top menu bar.

Boro-Stat does not carry commercial advertising and links to commercials/advertising only sites.  We refuse many requests for links on the basis that some sites are clearly driven by commercial concerns alone - this is not our policy (review our policy/privacy statement elsewhere).
The URL was registered to us on 12th March 2000 and the site expanded rapidly shortly afterwards.  Although Boro-Stat was testing a website for about a year before this as part of the "connect-2" webspace service, we continue to pride ourselves on the fact that we are one of the longest running fan based websites supporting Boro on the internet.

Notice is hereby given that all methods to protect the registered name and identity of Boro-Stat will be used via UK (English) courts should copywrite information be broken.  The name borostat (without the -) is also registered to us in case of spelling errors.  In 2005 we also registered the name

We are NOT in any way connected with a similar website known as BOROSTATS (borostats) or their social media connections on Facebook or Twitter.  We, as in Boro-Stat are an archieve website and do not connect to Facebook or Twitter.  We do stats, we dont do chats.
At Boro-Stat we try to live within the rules.

We realise major concerns can afford to pay the royalties for advance infomation such as fixtures lists etc.

We could just repeat these lists on our pages but we run the risk of copywrite protection data and court actions.  The "next game" is seen as "public knowledge" and as such we are free to publish which is what we do.  Future games are not published but are updated as games progress.

While some fan websites simply copy and paste images and info without regard for copywrite and the law, here at Boro-Stat we try to live within our means:

Our video (used in the opening menu sequences of the desktop and laptop versions of the site, but not used in the tablet and mobile versions) is our own HighDef footage.

Photographs used within the website are bought and royalty paid for versions for use within Boro-Stat website.

Charts, Tables, Graphs etc used within the website are self generated by Boro-Stat technicians.

Music used within the site (the mp3 music track "Tomorrow's Sky" from the album "Dance & Trance") is a paid for version for sole use within Boro-Stat website for public performance.

All other data or information used is given acknowledgement where we know/can.
Boro-Stat is more about the content than the 'author' however here is a little bit more info about me...

I was born in Middlesbrough in 1954 and currently live in Ingley Barwick, Stockton-on-Tees, UK.  I am a red book season ticket holder and sit in the North-West Corner of the Riverside Stadium with my wife for each Boro game.
I have recently taken early retirement and now have more time to devote to Boro-Stat website - hence the major update taking place during 2016.

I am always pleased to hear from fans or organisations about improvements to the site or just general comments.

It is usually the comments that help to make the Boro-Stat website better.

I get questions every week from around the planet asking for such and such a stat or can I help with info on such and such a game back 20 odd years.  While I do try and gain the answers that is why I created Boro-Stat.  I often wanted to look back at such and such a table, result, stat etc but could not find it...hence Boro-Stat.  I have even had the likes of BBC-TV and Sky-TV ask me if I can give them a stat in the past and have had to go off on a search to find the info...I always then produce the stat for Boro-Stat achives so no one need ever ask again! 

I am always open to new ideas so please do not hesitate to contact me.  I hope you find the website of interest and use.  I cannot hope to offer the service of the major new official players in the field but I hope Boro-Stat offers you something extra to your Boro experience.

Cheers - Colin.