FA Cup

Results 1921/22-1930/31

Attn Scorer
3/R Bradford City H 1-1 NA NA
3/R/R Bradford City A 1-2 NA NA
3/R Chesterfield A 1-1 NA NA
3/R/R Chesterfield H 4-3 NA NA
4/R Charlton H 1-1 NA NA
4/R/R Charlton A 1-1 NA NA
4/R/R Charlton * 1-0 NA NA
5/R Arsenal H 0-2 NA
3/R Walsall A 1-1 NA NA
3/R/R Walsall H 5-1 NA NA
4/R West Brom A 0-1 NA
3/R South Shields H 3-0 NA NA
4/R Southport A 3-0 NA NA
5/R Huddersfield T A 0-4 NA
3/R Leicester H 5-3 NA NA
4/R Preston NE A 3-0 NA NA
5/R Millwall A 2-3 NA NA
3/R Leeds Utd H 5-1 NA NA
4/R Clapton O A 2-4 NA NA
1/R Bradford A 0-1 NA
1/R Watford H 0-1 NA
1/R Oldham Ath A 1-0 NA NA
2/R Sheffield Utd ** 1-1 NA NA
2/R/R Sheffield Utd ** 0-3 NA
3/R Hull City A 0-5 NA
* Played at Manchester Utd
** Awaiting H/A confirmation.

About This Chart

what it shows you

FA Cup Results 1921/22-1930/31: This chart shows all of our rounds, games and results for the 10 year period covered.  It also shows attendances and goalscorers.

Help - We do have some data missing, if you have any old programmes, newspaper cuttings etc and can help fill in some of our gaps we would appreciate it.  Please email us to take matters further.

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